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Having gained more than 30 years of festival experience, we have acquired valuable knowledge on how to execute a remarkable event. Our expertise lies in producing live events, and our dedication to providing exceptional services for our clients is what drives Pink Moon Events.


We strive for flawless event execution, no matter the occasion. Our focus is on providing exceptional service and turning visions into reality. Corporate festivals are an excellent way to add a special touch to what may otherwise be a typical conference or staff gathering. Our top priority is delivering the utmost value to our clients at every stage of the process while also creating unforgettable experiences for all attendees.


Our team possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience in the corporate festival sector, making us capable of providing comprehensive advice on all aspects of your vision. As a leading company in this field, we collaborate with various partners across the market, allowing you to leverage the benefits of our current relationships with other brands. Furthermore, our vast in-house stock list enables us to execute your event without relying on third-party providers.

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We can design your corporate event to suit your needs.

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Our structures and units are built by our crew ready for the event.

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Your event will then be styled to your event specifications.

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Managing, supporting and streamlining your event. 



Have a look through this brochure to find out more about our full-service offering and get in touch with our team today to talk about how we can help you pull out all the stops for your upcoming event.

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